Original Gold cartridge from NES Ledgend of Zelda game.

Gorebagg Plays Zelda

In the late 1980s (1987ish) Gorebagg found the NES gaming system and the game Ledgend of Zelda. Everything was side-lined for many a day while Gorebagg and friends investigated the game Zelda.

Research conclusions were as follows:

  • Zelda was a great game -- as video games go.
  • Zelda was a powerful training tool for the attention.
  • Zelda provided a great environment to develop the powers of observation, adjustment, and penetration.
  • Zelda was a very good analogy for The Work.
  • Shamanically speaking Zelda was a developmental game unsurpassed at the time.

We had other observations (such as: Blue Darknuts sux) but they might not be considered objective. Then again, I'm not sure I've met anyone that did not have an attitude about the Blue Darknuts.

Thanks to a discovery of a gold cache in the top right of the overworld, Gorebagg and Kruruk were able to eventually finish the game with no sword and only three heart cases. Actully by finish, we mean get all the way to Ganon's inner sanctum. You can't actually kill Ganon without a sword of some sort to make him appear.

Recorded Talk From Zelda Con

Revenge of the Dark Nuts is a recorded talk that Gorebagg gave many years ago at a Zelda Con in Grass Valley.

Price: $22.95

Is there Life After Zelda

Is There Life After Zelda? is a recorded talk in which Gorebagg looks at problem solving in the labyrinth utilizing skills that are not readily acquired. The Zelda game requires a method, although limited, of learning how to think in other categories and how to look at things in a new way, as you might do in voyaging situations. Join us on this fascinating discovery where many learning surprises await you.

Price: $42.95