Early Gaming Convention 1987, Hosted by Gorebagg with 350 participants

Gorebagg and Quake CTF

After a while, we stopped playing Zelda I for the most part, and began getting into First Person Action Shooters... ROTT, Wolfenstein and World-Maker, which gave me the opportunity to experiment with level design.

Then along came DOOM and ROTT -- Rise of the Triad -- and Duke Nukem...they were all right, but then came Quake, and its online capabilities.

I immediately got an editor -- WorldCraft -- and began making maps. My friends at ID, American McGee and Todd Hollingshead, were very helpful in this first attempt at level design.

I wasn't interested in straight killing, so when CTF -- Capture the Flag -- came along, I dove right into it, making several levels that became useful to the gaming community.

Soon after that, along came Team Fortress, a Quake MOD...and Xxaxx and I were full-jets on making levels for TF, several of which enjoyed thousands of downloads and were used by the TF community for several years.

At this time, I put up Gorebagg's Slaygrounds -- we had six servers running at the height of TF.

These days, with the advent of TF2 and all its great maps, I content myself with just playing. Running a server with all its admin horrors and anti-cheat concerns, is just not my cup of tea.

Amongst all the TF2 servers, I prefer to play in servers that are mature, fun-loving and friendly -- notably Gamers Underground servers out of Adelaide, South Australia, JOLT, and a very few others.