Diablo II
Gorebagg: Number One Assassin
Gorebagg the Assassin at Number One Diablo II 2008 Ladder

Thanks to everyone who helped Gorebagg make it to Number One WITHOUT BOTS. Yeah!

Gorebagg D2 Stuff

Safaris in Diablo II. Gorebagg offers trainings in Diablo II on 8-person safaris. For more information, click here.

Diablo III Beta. Is there no Zon in D3? In this machinima Gorebagg takes a look at that question and more.

Diablo videos. Check out Gorebagg's YouTube Channel, Gorebaggdotcom for A LOT of Diablo videos. Really good. Really funny.

Diablo charms. Wand of Melvin, Cap of Smart and more Urthgame charms, good for Diablo and other LRPG. Good vid, too.