Richard Dawson, guest, E.J. Gold on Dawson's Tempo show, circa 1969. Courtesy Ken Paulson.

Photo of E.J. with Virginia and Robert Heinlein

Longtime friends Virginia and Robert Heinlein were kind enough to stop for a photo op, and then to take E.J. Gold with them on a tour of MidAmeriCon, Radisson-Muehlebach hotel, Kansas City, MO, 1976, Kansas City, 1978, where fans were urged to donate blood.
Photo courtesy Morgan Fox Agency.

Early Days of Broadcasting


KPFK, WBAI, Mary Houston interview with E.J. Gold, Inner Awakening & Transformation, KPPC, KRLA, KRON, CBC Radio Television, KPFK (with Amanda Foulger).


Today's World , KPFK (with Amanda Foulger), KPPC (with Barbara BirdFeather)


KHJ-TV (Tempo, with Richard Dawson), Huntley/Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, Joe Pyne (several inteviews).